Language learning solutions
for your business

We help companies and business professionals to communicate
effectively in English

3 Pathways to help you reach your learnings goals


  • Purposefully designed to master specific English communication skills
  • Practical and hands-on
  • Custom made for small or large groups
  • Provided on a one-off basis
  • Supported by neuroscience

Group language coaching courses

  • Tailor made to groups’ English learning needs
  • Small group sizes for effective learning
  • Coaching techniques used to increase self-awareness
  • Progress constantly measured
  • Supported by neuroscience

1:1 Language coaching

  • 100% personalised to individual’s learning needs
  • Fast and efficient way to learn
  • Higher motivation for learner
  • Cost effective
  • Supported by neuroscience

What can you learn through these pathways?

Through these pathways we provide various language learning solutions tailored for your needs;

English for meetings and video calls

  • Lead and participate in meetings with confidence
  • Learn how to be polite and indirect
  • Master functional language for each part of meeting

Boost confidence when speaking

  • Communicate more confidently in different work contexts
  • Discover strategies to boost your confidence
  • Learn about how different brain states affect confidence

Professional email writing

  • Learn common email writing structures
  • Master functional language for different email purposes
  • Learn how to use polite and formal email language

Business small talk

  • Use small talk confidently with colleagues and clients in different work contexts
  • Learn how to avoid awkward silences and break into conversations politely
  • Develop your skills in starting, maintaining and finishing conversations

Intercultural competence in English

  • Become familiar with interculturality, formalities, verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Learn about how cultural differences affect our business communication
  • Develop useful vocabulary and expressions used in professional settings

Presentations and public speaking

  • Execute your presentations and public speaking with competence and confidence
  • Learn the appropriate language for the different stages of your speech
  • Express yourself in an authentic manner

Accent reduction for professionals

  • Reduce your accent so that you sound more native-like
  • Develop more fluency and be understood more clearly
  • Learn about the key features of pronunciation

Polite language in business communication

  • Develop more formal and polite ways to communicate
  • Learn how to switch from informal to formal language
  • Develop your ability to be more diplomatic in your business communication

How is Neuroscience used in the learning process?

We use the latest findings in Neuroscience in each of the pathways to help you understand how you can learn in a more brain friendly way.


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